Isn’t an architect an added expense?

An architect will save you money by designing an energy efficient building, which in turn will result in lower maintenance costs. The well-designed building will contribute to a better quality of life, be suited for your specific needs, and help provide a higher resale value.

What is the first step?

Defining the scope of work. Such as how much space is required, what is the function, what are the restrictions of the site and then to translate these ideas into a form that can be visualized?

When is a cost budget prepared?

Identifying and understanding the budget requirements from the beginning will help the architect to stay focused and to manage your expectations. Your budget should include not only the hard costs (construction) but the soft costs (fees, furniture, misc.) too.

What is Construction Administration?

‘CA’ as it is known in the trade is when the architect is hired to represent the client during construction. The building process is often messy and disruptive. The architect looks out for the client’s interests and finds ways to make things go smoothly.

How are fees established?

Professional fees can be determined in a few different ways. Sometimes the fees are based on a percentage of the total cost of construction, other times the architect estimates the hours it will take and proposes a lump sum.

What other consultants are typically used on a mid-sized job?

A civil engineer and or landscape architect to design the site work, a ‘MEP’ or mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineer who insures life safety elements such as sprinklers and fire alarms. You might need an audio /visual consultant or kitchen designer depending on the complexity of the project.